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Things You Need to Know About Web Technology

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Web technology is actually a general term that is referring to several languages and packages that are basically used together in order to produce dynamic websites. Each technology is somewhat limited on its own and it requires the dual use of at least one other similar technology. As a conclusion, all the components that create a website are interdependent on one another. In the following article, we will show you some interesting things you need to know about web technology.

Let’s See What HTML is

HTML is actually the foundation of any website. Hyper Text Markup Language is similar to a ‘’glue’’ that holds together all websites. In order to understand better, we will show you an example. In order to build a house, you must make sure you have a very good foundation. This is exactly what HTML is, an excellent foundation for any website. It is very easy to learn and extremely important in the web technology field.

DHTML is Very Important

This is a group of very useful applications such as JavaScript, CSS and CSS-P, DOM. All these three applications combined together can make changes to only ‘’My Tag’’. JavaScript is basically a ‘’scripting’’ language and it is being used for deciding ‘’what will happen next’’.  CSS and CSS-P  is some sort of a new language, that expands upon the limited style properties of HyperText Markup Language. If you want to control very well the style of your website then CSS is excellent for doing that. On the other hand, DOM is perfect for any web designer as it allows accessing any element in an HTML page such as a photo, layer, or table.

Things You Must Know About Flash

Flash is very different than the technologies presented above, due to the fact that it is not an open source technology. Flash is actually owned by Macromedia, which produce the application required to make Flash content for a website. All in all, Flash is at the moment one of the only true multimedia packages for the Net. It provides support not only for animation but for sound and video as well. The only sad news about this technology is that it may never become a standard technology.


As a conclusion, web technology is not as hard to learn as it may seem at the beginning. If you are a person who wants to gain a basic understanding of this amazing field then in this article you will find everything you need in order to achieve your goal. The summary we’ve made is more than you need as a beginner. Web design is without a doubt a very complex area that needs further study on your behalf in order to become a professional in this domain. However, with perseverance, we are sure you will get where you want in a quite short period of time. Just keep in mind to think positive and learn as much as you can about this beautiful and amazing field called web technology.

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